How IBM Maximo Mobile Offline-First Feature Can Improve Field Workers' Productivity

Maximo mobile applications need an active Internet connection to communicate with the Maximo WebSphere server and enable user interaction. But what happens to these applications when there is no access to the Internet?

MAXapps Editors26 September | 2022

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How to Conduct an Inspection with Maximo on Your Mobile Device Using MAXapps

Inspection is an important tool for asset-intensive businesses. It has many benefits across a wide range of industries, including: cars inspection, health and safety inspection, etc. Combining IBM Maximo and MAXapps ensures a good experience and increased productivity.

MAXapps Editors16 June | 2022

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MAXapps for a Mobile Map-Based Work Management

Project managers have traditionally struggled not only to define who is the closest technician to a service request but also to ensure that material needs are available for each worker while the service request is on hand.

MAXapps Editors26 May | 2022

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A Mobilized IBM Maximo Application for Field Technicians

MAXapps helps coordinate supervisors with warehouse and field technicians, saving the company time and money while expediting transactions. It combines many Maximo, and no-Maximo functions into one unified solution that helps schedule and track field operations.

MAXapps Editors25 May | 2022

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What Are the Primary Use Cases for MAXapps' Maximo Mobile Solution?

With MAXapps, you can skip the frustrations of implementing large projects, just design your process around the business needs and MAXapps will deliver it to the end-user.

MAXapps Editors30 January | 2022

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