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Maxapps: use case G4S

MAXapps for Service Provider:
A Real-Time Labor Tracking Application

The Challenge

G4S used IBM Maximo to manage customer requests, monitor routine maintenance, and track labor to match the closest service request. The assets are spread over a large area and include different types of assets from various customers. G4S was looking for a mobile solution that would allow its teams to work in remote or unconnected zones and track the geolocation of the laborers.

Maxapps: Laborers Geolocation Tracking

Laborers Geolocation Tracking

The manager can track the geolocation of laborers/trucks in real-time, which will allow him to match technicians with the nearest service request location.

Maxapps: Multi media usage

Multi media usage

G4S wants to use video, sound and images to record the work done in the field by its teams.

The Context

G4S Almajal was founded in 1981 as a total integrated solutions provider for infrastructure services. G4S has approximately 13,000 employees and over 1,100 customers. It maintains more than 3,500 buildings and over 6,000 ATMs. G4S provides services to commercial and medical facilities, residential and industrial facilities, as well as refiners, petrochemical plants, and petroleum waste disposal facilities.

The Solution

G4S Alamajal chooses MAXapps to implement its mobile strategy for IBM Maximo. A total of four applications were quickly built:

  1. The service request application with automatic geolocation and multi-media,
  2. The work order application, with the stop and go feature to track labor hours in real-time,
  3. The attendance application,
  4. The labor tracking application.

Maxapps: Real-Time Labor Geolocation Tracking

Real-Time Labor Geolocation Tracking

Labor geolocation is now acquired and provided in real-time, allowing managers to quickly assign resources to the closest service request location. Labor geolocation history is also stored for SLA purposes.SLA purposes.

Maxapps: Rich experience

Rich experience

With enhanced multimedia, G4S technicians can get a clearer picture of what must be done, report on accomplishments, improving overall communication and efficiency.

We have been using MAXapps for mobile assets and facility management for IBM Maximo projects in the kingdom and our teams are very statisfied with the solution as well as the support.

— Khaled Abusafeya, almajal G4S

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