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MAXapps for Large Amount of Assets:
A Reliable and Powerful Application

The Challenge

Ventia used IBM Maximo to track operations, maintenance, and disposal of assets across multiple sites (over 20,000). The company was struggling to manage its asset infrastructure with the standalone Maximo platform. Ventia was looking for a mobile solution to implement a new set of process controls in Maximo for assets, work, and inventory management.

Maxapps: Offline Mode

Offline Mode

Integrate all applications already designed in the Maximo designer, such as work logs, classification, failure reports, and shipment receipt.

Maxapps: Quick Build and Updates

Quick Build and Updates

Have the ability to design applications and add new dynamic fields when needed, within Maximo.

Maxapps: Heavy Users

Heavy Users

Work on different devices (the offline mode should be reliable) and support a huge load of simultaneous active sessions.

The Context

Founded in 2000 and with a turnover of nearly 2 billion USD, Ventia is a specialist in long-term operations, maintenance, and management of critical public and private assets and infrastructure. The company, located in East Melbourne, is one of the largest infrastructure service providers in Australia and New Zealand. More than 100 companies are part of Ventia's conglomerate structure. The services offered cover a wide range of specialties, from the study and the realization of industrial projects to the O&M of facilities, telecommunications networks, and other critical public assets.

The Solution

The solution comprises the three elements detailed below:

  1. A MAXapps server has been set up, relaying requests between the mobile and the Maximo server.
  2. A failover between several Maximo clusters (even with several separate machines) has been configured, in case one of them goes down.
  3. A user-friendly interface to generate XML files when creating applications, and capture specific requests to be stored in the Maximo database

Maxapps: Improved Data Reliability

Improved Data Reliability

Improved reliability of asset, work, and inventory management data as it is acquired and provided in real-time.

Maxapps: Improved Efficiency

Improved Efficiency

Improved efficiency of O&M processes through better use of field resources.

Maxapps: Real-Time Data

Real-Time Data

A single source of real-time data, available from anywhere, with an offline mode to guarantee data integrity.

Maxapps: Scalable


A highly scalable mobile solution that requires few system resources and integrates seamlessly with the IBM Maximo or the device security services.

This application is brilliant, its return on investment is tremendous, it doesn't cost any additional license and, most importantly, it offers support beyond imagination.

— Mnnash Roy, Ventia Pty Limited

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