Why Choosing Maxapps IBM Maximo Solution ?

MAXapps enables IBM Maximo professionals to build performant, secure, flexible, and versatile business processes. Using the latest mobile technologies, IBM Maximo professionals can integrate GiS assignment to their work management process, workflow to their procurement process, or media with HD images, videos, and audio to their service request.

Build A Rich Mobile App

IBM Maximo: Build A Rich Mobile App

Build a Rich Mobile Application by Combining Data with Highly Interactive Components

MAXapps allows IBM Maximo professionals to easily combine data from various sources and render it in a different format, such as a list, map, or calendar, etc.

Incredible Speed And Responsiveness

IBM Maximo: Incredible Speed And Responsiveness

Amaze Users of IBM Maximo with Incredible Speed and Responsiveness

Give your user ultra-fast preloading and synchronization.

It’s hard to describe how fast and fluid MAXapps applications are. It combines Memcached technology and state management, rendering to quickly preload the data that matters

Delight Ibm Maximo Enthusiast

MAXapps brings together the latest technologies, tools, and APIs to give you an incredibly modern and intuitive application experience that provides your workers more time to work on their tasks and less administrative work.

IBM Maximo: Delight Ibm Maximo Enthusiast
IBM Maximo: Scale Safely

Scale Safely

MAXapps Server manages users from a single point, making it easy to scale up without having to scale your IBM Maximo instances. This is a significant advantage, as scaling the IBM Maximo WebSphere Application Server can be a real challenge.

Exceed Expectation

The flexible, feature-rich components of MAXapps remove the limitations of the traditional IBM Maximo mobile application and allow IBM Maximo experts, analysts, and developers to create an incredible experience for their users on time and within budget.

IBM Maximo: Exceed Expectation
IBM Maximo: Get Started Quickly

Get Started Quickly

With a vast ecosystem of widgets and components, MAXapps makes it easy to build your apps, mobile KPI's, or IoT integration. Grab a widget that fits your process, add your favorite components, and start building your apps right now.