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A fully managed service for your IBM Maximo mobile integration. experience with your own personal concierge service for your Maximo mobile.

Pick a challenge. We've got you covered.

Integration, Installation Concierge

Get a seamless installation of MAXapps on your environment, in the cloud or on-premises, on any version of Maximo mobile. Partner with MAXapps to build an efficient and robust experience.

Builds Concierge

Get assist to build your apps, optimize perofrmances with the help of the MAXapps experts.

Managed Service

Get your MAXapps installation, supported, patched and upgrated by our team of experts.

When MAXapps Is Critical To Your Success. A MAXapps enterprise Is Here To Help.

Partner with our team of experts to optimize, support, and ultimately build the best Maximo mobile experience. Whether you need help with your build, apps performance, or would feel more confident onboarding with the help of a professional team, there is a MAXapps enterprise, a concierge program for you.

build the best ibm Maximo mobile experience

Concierge Comes With Support and
Quarterly Reviews

Each Concierge Bundle comes with Support, quarterly business reviews, and a dedicated account representative.

Professional Support

Access to the MAXapps support engineers who can help resolve issues and answer questions quickly.

Quarterly Business Reviews

Review MAXapps impact on your business and check against baseline tests.

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