IBM Maximo Mobile Solution for Your Enterprise

Build Powerful, Secure, Flexible and Versatile Maximo Mobile EAM Applications

MAXapps provides IBM Maximo teams with a flexible tool for generating dynamic mobile applications that can suit any business requirements.

IBM Maximo: <strong>IBM Maximo Mobile</strong> Solution for Your Enterprise

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Why MAXapps Is a Must-Have in Every
IBM Maximo Installation

Simplicity and flexibility are core principles
behind MAXapps as a mobile solution for Maximo EAM

Meet Company Requirements

Mobile and Maximo features can be added to MAXapps specific to IBM Maximo.

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Send Instant Updates

Any configuration changes or security updates are immediately distributed to your Maximo mobile users

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Fully Integrated

The MAXapps mobile add-on is fully integrated with IBM Maximo.

Read moreIBM MAXIMO: Fully Integrated

Highly Scalable Solution

MAXapps can scale from a few dozen to hundreds, to thousands of users without resizing the Maximo instance.

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First-Class Security

Mobile applications delivered by MAXapps support high-level encryption, SSL, and LDAP.

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Easy Deployment to the End-User

Deploy your IBM Maximo applications to the end-user in a fraction of the time and with a single click.

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Fast User Interface Customization

With a wide variety of plug-and-play components and widgets, bring an impressive IBM mobile application experience to your users without coding or development skills.

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Advanced Mobile Features

Benefit from the advantage of our ready-to-use components that handle advanced features such as GiS, real-time worker tracking, etc.

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Manage your work with MAXapps

MAXapps Maximo Mobile takes IBM Maximo to the next level, where you'll have additional features such as advanced GIS without needing a separate app. In order for laborers to do their jobs efficiently, MAXapps gives workers access to Maximo asset data on their mobile devices so they can do their work effectively.

IBM Mobile application built with MAXapps

Save Time with the MAXapps Designer to
Build, Preview, and Deploy

Build a mobile need to production in time. The embedded MAXapps Maximo Mobile designer help to quickly uses the hundreds of MAXapps components and any plugin provided by the Maximo community.

Increase Productivity with
MAXapps Widgets

Take advantage of MAXapps Maximo Mobile widgets, which are miniature application views that can be integrated into other applications to make your work day easier.

MAXapps widgets for IBM Maximo

Quickly Integrate Your Process into Your Mobile Application

maxapps maximo: Quickly Integrate

As your teams grow and evolve, new processes, regulations, and compliance needs arise. You want to be able to quickly update your mobile applications so that you have a robust, business-compliant process. MAXApps Maximo Mobile can provide you with flexible mobile applications that can meet your needs.

Easy Implementation Process

maxapps maximo: Easy Implementation Process

The implementation process with Maximo is quite simple. You'll be guided through all stages, starting from the installation to integration. The installer can integrate MAXapps Maximo Mobile into your environment, even if it is built with clusters or an LDAP.

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