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Maxapps: use case GAIA

MAXapps for Linear Assets:
A Reliable Geolocation Application

The Challenge

GAIA used IBM Maximo to manage its water distribution assets. The assets are spread over a large area and include stations and also linear assets with water pipes. GAIA was looking for a mobile solution that would allow its teams to work in remote or unconnected areas and track the geolocation of the assets.

Maxapps: Offline Mode

Offline Mode

Technicians need a completely offline solution that will allow them to find asset and job information at any time and under any conditions.

Maxapps: GiS Solution

GiS Solution

GAIA was looking for a solution that will provide geolocation and routing options to its technicians on the field.

The Context

GAIA SpA is a public company that, since January 1, 2005, manages the integrated water service. GAIA manages the water services in an area that includes most of the municipalities in the province of Lucca, Pistoia, and Massa. The area extends over 46 municipalities, for a total of 2,594 km², in which there are 430,000 inhabitants (Istat 2014 data) and about 254,014 users. The aqueduct network has a total length of about 5,200 km and a sewage network of about 2,000 km, while there are 493 active wastewater treatment plants.

GAIA SpA is a public company

The Solution

GAIA chose MAXapps to implement its mobile strategy for IBM Maximo. Three applications were quickly built:

  1. The work order application,
  2. The location application,
  3. The asset application.

The technician and supervisor manage the scheduling and progress of the work order in the work app. Field technicians can create and execute work orders and enter meter readings. When work orders are created, they are geotagged with their location and assets, giving the field technician critical information about the location of the job.

Maxapps: Improved Relaiability of the Data

Improved Relaiability of the Data

A single source of real-time data, available from anywhere, with an offline mode to guarantee data integrity.

Maxapps: Higher Engagement

Higher Engagement

With the mobile solution, GAIA sees more techs using the system, hence imporving overall communication and efficiency.

GAIA is really satisfied with MAXapps solution.The app is extreamly easy toconögure and use.Our technicians are very happy to use MAXapps because now they can use Maximo every where without limits.

— Carmine Tranfa, Asset Manager

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