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MAXapps is a mobile solution for Maximo EAM, it is built both with the assistance of industry experts and taking into account security, optimization and user experience.

It comes with many features and functionality that can boost your business, we can split them into two categories, in-app features and others:

IBM Maximo: Simplicity


MAXapps Maximo Mobile is a user-friendly application, both in terms of development and use of the application. When we talk about MAXapps development, we are not talking about traditional programming, you won't need any programming skills, but a slight knowledge of Maximo will allow you to generate a correct Maximo mobile application using the MAXapps Designer.

IBM Maximo: Flexibility


There is no single MAXapps process that will reduce your flexibility, all components are customizable and the logic will be defined in Maximo. This is important because not all companies have the same processes to, for example, count inventory or audit assets… And remember that MAXapps is available on both iOS and Android.

IBM Maximo: Security


Mobile applications delivered by MAXapps support high-level encryption, SSL, LDAP, SAML…

IBM Maximo: Push notifications

Push notifications

You will have the ability to customize the content of their titles - who sees them and after what event they receive them - using the MAXapps Maximo Mobile Designer.

IBM Maximo: Scalability


MAXapps Maximo Mobile can be scaled from dozens, to hundreds, to thousands of users without resizing the Maximo instance. This happens because of the nature of architecture of MAXapps.

IBM Maximo: Speed


Because we all know that no one likes to wait, especially when all they have to look at is a screen loading symbol, MAXapps uses hashes to identify datasets when synchronizing with Maximo; and caches data to finally have a reduced loading time.

IBM Maximo: Fast deploy

Fast deploy

Deploying your mobile application with MAXapps Maximo Mobile is no longer a challenge, with a single click your application will be published to your end-users.

IBM Maximo: Real-time


MAXapps and Maximo transactions are in real-time. By recording data with your mobile device you can access them directly on Maximo

IBM Maximo: Time-aware


Sometimes your workers have to work in a different time zone than Maximo serve time zone, so MAXapps was designed with that in mind. This way, if your device's time is different from Maximo's, you will always deliver correct data.

IBM Maximo: GiS


For working with maps and geographic information. Where you can track your laborers, assets, work orders, service requests…

IBM Maximo: Multiple views

Multiple views

You can display your data sets in different ways, the most basic being a simple list, but you can also use the calendar and the map. The calendar view allows users to schedule their weekly workload seamlessly, for much better organization.

IBM Maximo: Multimedia


You can attach multimedia items to your records. A multimedia attachment can be an image, a video or an audio recording.

IBM Maximo: Inspection


This is a new feature of MAXapps Maximo Mobile, which allows you to perform an inspection directly from the application.

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